Dementia Jersey

Dementia Jersey (previously known as Jersey Alzheimer’s Association) was born in 2010 becoming a standalone charity following its association with the UK Alzheimer’s Society. 

Our charity is here to support anyone affected by Dementia in Jersey, in whatever way that we can. 

Our aim is not only to support those affected by the diseases falling under the dementia umbrella, but to also raise awareness to help remove the stigma that can unfortunately be associated with mental health. We want all those who are living with dementia to be supported, welcomed, and understood and we wish to make Jersey a truly dementia friendly island. 

Worldwide there are estimated to be 50 million affected by dementia, 1,600 in our little island of Jersey. Since 2012 our charity has had a 235% increase in demand for our services, showing how critical is it that we continue to grow and support anyone that we can, and to continue educating the island. 

Our charity provides a counselling service, support group, activities for those living with dementia and also an educational piece called “Dementia Friends” which provides information not only about what dementia is, but also how you can be more aware and help. 

Please follow us on Twitter, @Dementia_Jersey, and join our newsletter through in order to keep up to date with our events and awareness campaigns so you can get involved in the future. 

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