Record and submit data

Submission process 

If you’re feeling competitive and want to see how you stack up against fellow Challengers on the leaderboard, you need to record your time for each runway distance. All results and proof (if requested) must be submitted by 9am on Monday 1 August 2021

All challenge results, including participant information, time and distance, will be displayed on the leaderboard page of our website.

How to record your data

You’ll need to track your progress, so you can upload your results through your RaceNation account. You can do this using Strava, Apple Watch or other GPS smart watches or GPS Apps that are freely available on Smartphones. There’s more information below to help explain how this works; we will not be using scanning for this event. 

Guidance from RaceNation

Timing:  You can now time your own races in MyRaceNation or the Event Day App. If you have enabled tracking via the RaceNation app, a map will also be submitted as proof.

Strava: We now have free Strava integration built into the platform! This will revolutionise the virtual events by allowing you to link your Strava account to MyRaceNation and submit your Strava activity. The platform goes one stage further by allowing multiple Strava activities to be submitted and the distances/times then combined to submit a “cumulative” result.

Manual: Manual submission is simple – enter the time that is recorded through any means you would like and (optionally) a distance, as well as proof in the form of a URL or image (a nice photo of a stopwatch is just as good as Strava) and submit.

For further questions, please contact the organisers

Read our information pack for further details here.