Relay team entry

You need five people to make up your relay team entry. Once you have found them, choose who completes which runways, agree how you want to complete the distance, then decide when and where you want to do it. It’s as simple as that! You can walk, run, cycle, SUP, dance, kayak, swim – anything goes!

The challenge will be live for 21 days, between 11 – 31 July 2021.   

You’re responsible for selecting where you complete the runway distance. All we ask is that you plan your courses safely and comply with any physical distancing restrictions, that may be in place.

With the group runway categories, you may complete all runway distances on the same day if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, in any order, or you can spread this out over multiple days. 

Runway categories

Relay team grouped runway categories (17+)

CategoryChallenge DistanceRunways
Fly Europe Challenge : Team of five45km Belfast / Dublin / Düsseldorf / East Midlands / Glasgow / Leeds Bradford / Munich / Norwich
(two people complete one runway and three people complete two runways each)  
21 Runway Challenge : Team of five 110kmJersey / Belfast / Birmingham / Dublin / Dusseldorf / East Midlands / Edinburgh / Glasgow / Guernsey / Leeds Bradford / Liverpool / Gatwick / Heathrow / Stansted / Manchester / Munich / Newcastle / Norwich / Southampton / Isle of Man
(4 people complete 4 runways each and 1 person completes 5 runways)  

Challenge notes

  • Relay participants should complete each runway distance in one go, so that one set of data is uploaded for each distance.
  • You may temporarily stop as many times as you like whilst completing you runway distance, but please ensure that your smartwatch / smartphone app keeps recording the total time, so that one set of data per runway is submitted.
  • You can complete more than one runway on the same day, but we’d encourage everyone to plan safely when completing longer distances. Please also remember that you need to submit a time for each runway, instead of an overall time for multiple runway distances.
  • We’ve recommended the split of runways between the relay teams, to try to keep it fairly equal. Each team member should complete each runway in one continuous attempt, so that one set of data only is uploaded for each airport runway distance. 


  • Relay team tickets will be priced at £75 per team of five people. This ticket entry is ideal for work colleagues, as well as teams, clubs, families and friends. 

Entry fees include a digital race bib, digital fundraising badge, digital finisher badge and ongoing support through the challenge.

You can also purchase a limited edition event t-shirt at the time of booking. This will cost £10.00 per t-shirt.


Ports of Jersey Runway Challenge 21 aims to fundraise £20,000 for our chosen charities Beresford Street Kitchen, Caring Cooks, Dementia Jersey and Healing Waves. 

To help us reach our fundraising target, we kindly encourage everyone to make a charitable donation when signing up. You’ll also have the option, to select which charity or charities you’d like to raise funds for. 

On completing the registration process, you’ll automatically receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to set up your own personal online fundraising page, which is directly linked to the registration for the challenge.